cosmetic Dentistry in Ashburn

Get the Smile You Deserve

With cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Gino at Dulles Life Smiles, you can get your dream smile in just a few appointments. We offer:

Teeth Whitening
Free Cosmetic Consultations

Perfect Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re self-conscious about your smile due to issues like stains, gaps, and misshapen teeth, Dulles Life Smiles is here to help with expert cosmetic dentistry services in Ashburn.

Boost Your Confidence

Cosmetic dentistry helps you feel better about how you look and can also lead to better oral hygiene habits.

Customized Treatment

No two patients are alike, which is why Dulles Life Smiles will provide you with a truly customized cosmetic treatment plan.

Experienced Care

Dr. Gino specializes in cosmetic care in Ashburn, and has years of experience giving patients the smiles of their dreams

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Schedule Your Commitment-Free Consultation

Free Cosmetic Consultation

Not sure if cosmetic dentistry is right for you? Contact Dulles Life Smiles to get a free consultation with Dr. Gino to find out what treatments might best suit your needs. There’s no commitment, so schedule today! We will go over all of your options and discuss your preferences to come up with a treatment plan that accommodates your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

In-Office & Take-Home Teeth Whitening

We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening. In-office whitening is a great option if you want fast results for a special occasion. During this procedure, we will apply a professional-grade whitening agent to your teeth and use a UV light to expedite the whitening process. In just an hour, you can brighten your smile up to 5-10 shades. Take-home whitening provides more subtle, gradual results and allows you to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home over the course of a few weeks.

free invisalign consulatation

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional orthodontics for appearance-conscious teens and adults. Using a series of clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth, you’ll get a straighter, more perfect smile with a stress-free treatment. With Invisalign, most patients complete treatment in about a year or less! This unique treatment option gives patients with minor to moderate orthodontic issues the ability to straighten their smiles without highly visible traditional braces. Contact us today for a free Invisalign consultation!


Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped prosthetics that are made of durable porcelain. They are designed to fit over the front of your teeth and address a variety of cosmetic issues. Treatment usually takes two to three appointments at Dulles Life Smiles.


Enameloplasty involves buffing away a thin layer of enamel from some of your teeth to remove imperfections like minor chips and pointed teeth, and provide you with a more even, appealing smile. 

Cosmetic Makeovers

Not sure which treatment is right for you, or think you may need more than one cosmetic treatment? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gino to see if a personalized cosmetic makeover may suit your needs. During your consultation, you’ll be able to express your smile goals, ask any questions you may have, and begin planning your cosmetic makeover. We offer a communicative approach and we always keep your needs, preferences, budget, and lifestyle in mind when planning your cosmetic treatments.

cosmetic Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Some cosmetic treatments, like Invisalign, can also make it easier to care for your teeth. Treatments like crowns and veneers cover up cosmetic issues while strengthening your teeth. Studies have shown that when patients are pleased with the aesthetics of their smile, they are more likely to take better care of it! If these benefits sound appealing to you, call today to schedule a consultation!

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

The answer varies for each patient depending on which treatments they may need. To get an accurate estimate for the cost of your personalized cosmetic treatment, we recommend scheduling a consultation at Dulles Life Smiles in Ashburn.