Sedation Dentistry in Ashburn

 Relax in the Dentist’s Chair

With sedation dentistry from Dr. Gino at Dulles Life Smiles, you can relax during any appointment at our office.

Relieve Dental Anxiety
Pain-Free Dentistry
Nitrous & Oral Conscious Sedation

Stay Calm and Comfortable During Your Appointment

Sedation dentistry is a great option for patients who may suffer from dental anxiety, and are nervous about an upcoming procedure at our office. To find out if you’re a good candidate for sedation, contact us for an appointment today!

Relax & Stay Calm

Sedation helps you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your procedure at Dulles Life Smiles, even if you have dental anxiety.

 Eliminate Discomfort

Along with numbing, sedation dentistry helps to eliminate discomfort and pain during your procedure.

Control Gag Reflex
& Fear of Needles

Sedation can even help with issues unrelated to anxiety, such as a fear of needles and an overly-sensitive gag reflex.

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Our Sedation Options

We offer two primary types of sedation in our office at Dulles Life Smiles: Laughing gas, which is ideal for procedures like fillings and crowns, and oral conscious sedation, which is a better option for surgical treatments like tooth extractions and dental implants. If you are interested in sedation, we will discuss your needs and upcoming treatments to help you decide on the right sedation option.

Laughing Gas

Sedation with laughing gas will introduce feelings of euphoria and happiness. This form of sedation simply involves breathing in normally while wearing a nose mask that will deliver the sedative. You will feel a bit “floaty” and disconnected from your body, and you will feel less anxious and nervous.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation uses a strong, pill-based sedative. You will take this pill about an hour or two before your procedure. You will feel groggy and sleepy, and you may even fall asleep during your treatment. You may also experience “anterograde amnesia,” meaning you may forget most of what happens during your treatment.

sedation Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes! Sedation dentistry is very safe. However, before you can be sedated, we will need you to provide us with a complete medical history and discuss any health conditions that you may have in order to ensure that you are a good candidate for sedation.

Does Sedation Have Any Side Effects?

This mostly depends on the method of sedation you choose. Laughing gas has only a few minor side effects like dizziness, fatigue, headaches, or minor nausea. It usually wears off within about 5 minutes, so you can drive yourself to and from our office, and get back to work or your day-to-day life after your procedure.

Oral conscious sedation lasts 4-6 hours, and has more side effects. You may feel disoriented and drowsy, and your reflexes will be impaired. You will not be able to drive yourself home or go back to work, so plan accordingly.